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We are goal oriented and know what we want. Together we will change the crypto world.

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Basics Development

• Application development

• API paid plan from CG &         CMC

• Establish Core team

• Establish Marketing team      

• Established Raid/shill team

• Established Telegram community

• Established Socials

• Established Website

• Contract development and deployment

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• Contract Audit/KYC
• Influencer push
• Based Telegram AMAs
• Community driven push and an pinned posts
• CMC listing
• CG listing

• Logo on Metamask and TW

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• Migration on ETH

• New ETH staking website

• Partnerships with popular social media influencer and big based AMAs

• Asian marketing
• Partnerships announcements
• WixPad Multichain Launchpad

• WixAI TG integrated AI

• Contract depoyment AI

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 Own Twitter VC weekly

• Large Influencer push
• Partnerships with new Blockchains 
• More community-driven  competitions
• Trending services
• Website V2 

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Beast Mode

• Big marketing for listing process

• listing

• Kucoin listing

• Fundraiser for well construction

• Multichain Launchpad V2

• Big community giveaways

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John Wix

• WixChain be continued...

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