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A new generation of crypto security is created

Our services

Modern audit and controlling system

Our department takes care of a full review of all Crypto projects. We do not give away dubious audit certificates. Our approach is subject to strict criteria and only projects that meet all standards receive our TradeWix certificate. This is what our company stands for with its name! TradeWix Trust Rate.

A groundbreaking launching software

In the background we carry out our cooperation partnerships. We give very secure partners the opportunity to apply to our launching system. A large number of attention, investors and opportunities are available to you. 

TradeWix allocation, Invest before anyone else

Members get the advantageous chance to be a part of private sales in highlighted projects that no one has yet seen. A limited share of private sales allows, in many parts, a multiplication of his investment.

Comprehensive customer service

Our premium support is available 24/7. Other inquiries will be forwarded to an available customer advisor and processed within a 24-hour time window.

Become a partner

We provide a comprehensive partner package and bring you the platform your project needs to fly. Years of professional marketing experience will give your project the attention it deserves. Start your non-binding inquiry today.

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